Environmental Policy

MDL Insulations Ltd is a leading supplier of insulation products to merchants and distributors, predominantly in the construction industry. The strategic direction of the business continues to be fluid and dynamic with respect to continual growth in these industries and markets, which is advocated by all members of the Senior Leadership Team.

MDL Insulations Ltd recognises the increasing demand for products are environmentally sustainable within the industry and makes every effort to ensure that all products produced in our factory are manufactured where possible using sustainable or recycled materials.

MDL Insulations Ltd have taken steps to ensure that our activities in the manufacturing of these products do not present any risk to the environment and where a risk is possible steps are taken in order to control the risk.

  • MDL Insulations Ltd will, wherever practical, use raw materials and products originating from sources which can be shown to be sustainable and which are re-usable or can be recycled.
  • MDL Insulations Ltd will pay particular attention the reduction of pollution and the prevention of noise, taking the most stringent precautions to avoid health hazards and ensuring that environmental impacts are minimised during production activities.
  • MDL Insulations Ltd will continue to develop an environmentally aware approach to the management of the Company, recognising also that sound management of energy, resources and materials cuts cost and create competitive advantages. We shall endeavour to adhere to our compliance obligations at all times.
  • MDL Insulations Ltd will continue its philosophy of seeking to employ caring people promoting a sense of responsibility towards the environment by management and staff within their working role and in their home situations.
  • MDL Insulations Ltd will continue to develop and practice in house environmentally caring policies covering its use of premises and other assets. The Company will also continue to promote energy efficiency and sound environmentally sensitive practices.
  • MDL Insulations Ltd will achieve this policy by establishing a clear set of environmental objectives with each department appointing a senior manager responsible for ensuring comprehensive implementation of these objectives.
  • MDL will use these objectives to ensure a process of continual improvement.
  • The policy will apply to all staff, contractors and any persons representing MDL.
  • The policy will be made available to staff, customers and any other interested parties

This policy has been endorsed by MDL Insulations Ltd management who take direct responsibility for its execution.


David Clark

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Date: 19th May 2017