MDL continuously strive to provide products which have a direct, positive impact on our environment; our houses, offices, schools and other buildings account for 40% of all energy use. Buildings which are constructed using modern insulation products and techniques will be more energy efficient.

ISO 14001

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MDL are committed to finding solutions to enable industry to provide a sustainable future in construction, engineering and transportation. MDL are also committed to ensuring that none of our activites cause any harm to the environment and that we put in place adequate controls to protect our environment.

MDL are an ISO 14001 certified company. As part of the ISO certification process, we identified aspects of our business that impact the environment, established objectives for improvement, defined a management programme to acheive our objectives and acheived ISO 14001 certification.

What does it mean to our customer?

Our ISO 14001 Environmental certification means you can be sure of our commitment to environmental concerns and that we will be constantly improving performance as part of the Environmental Management System.